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The phenomenon of the Black-Eyed Kids (BEKs) doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon.  In recent years reports of them appearing all over the world seem to be flooding in more than ever.  For those not familiar with the tale, these are rather spooky, ghostly children who approach strangers, often knocking on their doors late at night, and persistently asking to be let in*, which always reminds me of old vampire stories.  What is most unnerving about them is that their eyes are totally black, like cartoon images of aliens.

It’s often thought that the Black-Eyed Kids are very much a modern Urban Legend, that they appeared with the growth of the Internet 20 years ago, but there are stories which predate the advent of the World Wide Web.  One such story comes from the Picardy region of northern France in 1974.  It was a beautiful Autumn day and two men – known only to us as Alain G and Patrick V – decided to enjoy it by going out for a mid-afternoon drive in the countryside.

At about 3 PM they were driving through an unnamed village in the Aisne area.  They got to the last house in the village, and paused there to turn the car round.  It was then that they noticed some children loitering outside the building.  There were five of them standing in the courtyard of the house.  Three were standing in the background, and seemed to be touching the sides of the building with both hands.  The others were standing, staring at the car.  They were about 4 ft tall, and were all dressed in long, oilcloth garments, covered in multi-coloured spots,  and they had long, waist-length hair.   Their skin was a yellowy colour.

Alain, who was in the passenger seat, wound down the car window, but said his blood ran cold when he faced the child standing at the front.  The children seemed to have compressed noses, and eyes that were like black billiard balls.  The child nearest to the car raised their arm and gestured as if to say “come here”.  The men panicked, and put the car into reverse, fleeing the scene.

Several months later two French paranormal investigators, Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bignore, visited the village to try and find out more.  They interviewed a neighbour, who said they had once seen the odd little people in the road outside the house.   I think they are known in the area as “the little strangers”.


For all the accounts of BEKs appearing at people’s front doors, there are very few accounts of anyone actually letting them in, so an obvious question is what would happen if you did?  Well according to Listverse, one such rare case did happen in Vermont in January 2016.

It was during a blizzard, and a woman said two black-eyed children, a boy and a girl, both aged about 8-years-old, appeared at her door.  Neither were dressed for the inclement weather.  The woman had her reservations, but because of the bad weather, she let them into the house.

Immediately on them entering her home, she said her cats were spooked by them.  She offered to make them some cocoa, but the children kept saying “our parents will be here soon”.   They asked if they could use the bathroom, and she directed them to it.  A moment later, her husband’s nose began to bleed, and the power in the house went out.

As she went to get her husband a tissue, she noticed the children standing at the end of the hallway, staring at them.  “Our parents are here”, the children announced, and left the house.  They got into a black car which had appeared outside, accompanied by two men dressed in suits.  The mysterious men in suits and the black car all sound highly  reminiscent of Men In Black cases, which are a strange and mysterious element of modern UFO folklore.

There is a distressing postscript to this story, in that over the following months the lady’s husband developed skin cancer, and she herself suffered nosebleeds.



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