Posted on: May 11, 2016

The story of missing hiker, Kenny Veach, sounds at first like a Creepypasta story, and that is what some seem to think it is, but no, it genuinely happened.  I came across his story recently when reading Stephen Young’s book Nightmare In The Woods, about strange disappearances in remote areas.  Kenny was an experienced hiker, who posted a YouTube video in which he said he had become unnerved by a strange M-shaped cave he had found in the Sheep Mountains, north of Las Vegas, in the Nevada desert.  His plan was to go back and try to find out more … only he never returned.

Kenny was 47-years-old, and by all accounts was a likeable, decent man, with a passion for hiking.  In his video he is affable and enthusiastic.  He was described by a relative as a bit of an “adrenalin junkie”.  He liked to push himself to the limits, to the point where it could become foolhardy.  For instance, he once picked up a rattlesnake, and had to be hospitalised as a result.  He pushed the envelope so much in his hikes that once his toenails turned black and fell off, and he lost 13 pounds of body weight.  He would take only the most minimal of supplies with him, carrying only bottled water and a bar of chocolate.  He said: “it takes me about 3 days to recover from the abuse I put myself through”.  (I sometimes think Bear Grylls has a lot to answer for!).

On 17 October 2014 Kenny posted a YouTube video (which you can find by Googling “YouTube M Cave Hike”), which, when I saw it, had had over 470,000 views.  In it he described hiking in the Nevada desert, in an area near Nellis Air Force Base, where he found the oddly-shaped entrance to a cave.  Kenny said the cave entrance was at ground level, was about the same height as himself, and was shaped like the letter ‘M’.   He recalled that entering the cave caused his body to vibrate, and it got worse the further in he went.  It must have been strong stuff to have unnerved an adrenalin junkie like Kenny.  He said: “suddenly I became very scared and high-tailed it out of there”.

He announced his plan to take a camera and see if he could find the cave again, but his second trip proved fruitless, only encountering a friendly tortoise.  The entrance to the mysterious cave was elusive.  Kenny was undefeated.  He said he would have another try, and would take a gun with him for protection.  A YouTube commenter replied: “No!  Do not go back there.  If you find that cave entrance, don’t go in, if you do, you won’t get out”.  Kenny asked: “What makes you say that?”  But he got no reply.  From what I can gather, the comment by the mysterious well-wisher has also vanished.

Kenny never returned from this third trip.  He set off on Monday 10 November 2014, planning on an overnight hike, and hasn’t been seen since.  The only trace of him that has been found was his mobile phone, which was found, a week later, by Nevada rescue volunteers, near an abandoned mine shaft.   A camera was sent down the mine shaft, but no trace of Kenny was found.

Of course there have been numerous speculations as to what has happened to Kenny.  Some have suggested that he may have innocently stumbled upon illegal activity, seen something he shouldn’t, and been abducted by a drug cartel.  And, as this is the Nevada desert – home of Area 51 – there have also been conspiracy theories about alien abduction, and sinister military activity.  Others have suggested that he may have encountered a mountain lion.  Or, perhaps Kenny simply pushed his body too far one last time.

His girlfriend has since added a comment to YouTube urging all hikers to take GPS with them on their travels.



Reminds me of the story of Harold Lassetter, who allegedly found a huge gold reef somewhere in central Australia in the early part of the 20th century, and who died in the desert during a 1930 expedition to find the reef.

Interesting, many thanks

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