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The Kuznetsky Alatau mountain range in the Khakassia Republic of East Siberia is home to a strange tale involving a mysterious cursed cave, magnetic storms, and supposed sightings of furry monsters.  The stories tend to revolve around the Kashkulaskaya Cave, which translates to “the cave of a black devil”.  This is situated in an area seeped in old legends going back many years.  It is said that old folk didn’t like walking in the surrounding forests, and that a nearby river was where the local shaman would escort the souls of the dead into another world.  Visitors to the cave over many years reported being gripped with an inexplicable sense of horror.  Some said that they had also seen hallucinations of an old man, who had sparkling eyes, and who wore a shaggy horned cap.  The horned cap was thought to have been worn by the shaman.

The experiences became so common that teams from the Academy of Medical Sciences in Novosibirsk came out to investigate.  Using magnetometers they discovered that bursts of a higher magnetic field coincided with times when people felt the most nervous.  Apparently an infrasound at a certain level – 6 Hz –  can induce a feeling of indescribable horror.  Meanwhile, devices outside the cave registered nothing at those times.  Some researchers deduced that they had stumbled across a radio range beacon which was sending a signal vertically up “right into the cosmos”.

In his book Humanoid Sightings 1995-1999 Albert Rosales lists the bizarre case of five amateur speleologists who went missing in the area one night in 1996.  One young man escaped from the cave, raving wildly about furry monsters.  He went on to describe a mysterious doorway in a stone wall, which no one could go through.  In a state of exhaustion he was taken to hospital, but sadly died a few weeks later of an unknown illness.

There is another story similar to this, dating from 1960, which I found on a website called the Encyclopedia of Safety.  In this one a party of 20 students went down into the cave, and only two girls returned.  No trace of the others could be found, and the survivors died in a mental hospital.   One of the girls was said to have behaved like a mad, rabid animal.  The other went prematurely grey, and refused to let go of a strange stone figurine.

In February 2007 Pravda printed an article headed Mysterious Creatures living deep under Earth’s surface came from space.  In it they quote an experiment from 10 years before in which scientists did tests to see if they could find intelligent life living below the Earth’s surface [there’s an obvious joke there].  They concluded that they had found intellect at a depth 200 kilometres below the surface, which was “a strong intellect, but alien to humans”.   The conclusion was that beings of a superior intellect live below the Earth’s surface, but it’s not clear if they originated from Earth or space.



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