Posted on: November 19, 2013

“So what?” you may well say. Well what is interesting about this particular case is that it is one of the earliest recorded UFO sightings in Britain. According to a piece I read once on the much-missed Teletext service it was THE first recorded UFO sighting in Britain. That can be disputed. There are examples of monks having witnessed strange ships in the sky in Medieval times, but certainly Mr Cracker’s story is one of the first UFO sightings to have a modern feel about it.

On 8 December 1733 James Cracker of Fleet, Dorset related how he had seen “something in the sky which appeared in the north but vanished from my sight, as it was intercepted by trees, from my vision. I was standing by a valley. The weather was warm, the sun shone brightly. On a sudden it reappeared, darting in and out of my sight with an amazing coruscation. The colour of this phenomenon was like burnished, or new-washed silver. It shot with speed like a star falling in the night. But it thad a body much larger, and a train longer than any shooting star I have seen”.

He went on to say “the following day Mr Edgecombe, he and another gentleman (whose name I cannot remember), saw the same flying object flying from east to north 15 miles from the original site”.

Had Mr Fleet seen a UFO, or a flying machine from the future perhaps?



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