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Baba Vanga was an elderly Bulgarian lady, who came out with some fascinating, not to say disturbing, prophecies for the next 500 years. Sadly, she is no longer with us, she died back in 1996, but she seems to have been quite a character. For my money, she knocks dreary old Nostradamus and his obscure rhymes (which could usually be translated to mean just about anything) into a cocked hat. If you truly want to be terrified by the future – and you’d be amazed how many people do – then Baba’s your girl.

Baba was born on 31 January 1911 in Strumica, now part of Bulgaria. She lived all her life in a small village in the Kozhuh mountains. She had a fairly ordinary childhood, although she lost her mother when she was quite young, and was said to like to practice healing on her friends. At the age of 12 it is said that she was lifted up by a tornado and thrown into a field. When she was eventually found, after a long search, she had been blinded by the dust, and remained blind for the rest of her days.

There has been a lot of interest in Baba’s predictions in recent years because she was said to have predicted 9/11, that Barack Obama would be the last American president, and that World War 3 would begin in November 2010. Of course it didn’t, but Believers claim that Baba was still correct, as events of the past 3 years have shown that the groundwork is being laid for such a terrible catastrophe. My only comment is to say that I sincerely hope both they and her are wrong, although I guess recent events have made us all a little jittery on that front.

Anyway, I’m presenting Baba’s future predictions because, whatever the truth of the matter, she seems to have had an awesome imagination, and IF she’s right then the future looks to be … well interesting to say the least.

2014 Most people will suffer skin cancer and other skin diseases, as a result of nuclear fallout and use of chemical weapons in the northern hemisphere.

2016 Europe will become almost depopulated (“Europe almost empty”, in Baba’s words)

2018 China becomes a world power.

2023 The Earth’s orbit changes a bit.

2025 Still not much sign of hope in Europe.

2028 A new energy source created. Hunger is gradually becoming overcome. A manned spacecraft launched to Venus (they might get a bit of shock when they get there).

2033 Polar ice melting. Oceans rise.

2043 The world economy is thriving. In Europe, Muslims rule.

2046 Human organs can be manufactured.

2066 The USA attacks Muslim Rome using a new weapon, the climate, which involves instant freezing.

2076 A new Classless Society.

2084 The restoration of nature.

2088 A new disease, where we age in a few seconds.

2097 A cure found for rapid ageing (phew!)

2100 Artificial sun illiminates the dark side of the Earth.

2111 People become living robots (am finding it hard not to think of the old ‘In The Year 2525’ song here)

2123 War breaks out between small nations. Big nations stay out of it.

2125 Hungary will receive signals from space.

2130 Colony under water.

2164 Animals turn half-human.

2167 A new religion (they come up all the time don’t they?)

2170 Major drought.

2183 A Martian colony declares Independance from the Earth.

2195 Sea colony thriving.

2196 Complete mixing of Asians and Europeans.

2201 Sun slowing. Temperature drops.

2256 Spacecraft blissfully forgotten by Earth returns bringing terrible new disease.

2262 Planets gradually change planetary orbit. Mars is threatened by comets.

2273 Mixing yellow, white and black races.

2279 Power from nothing.

2288 Travel back in time achieved. New contacts with aliens.

2291 The sun cools. Attempts are made to light it again.

2296 Powerful eruption on the sun. Changes the force of gravity.

2299 In France, a guerilla movement against Islam.

2301 New important laws and secrets of the Universe revealed.

2304 Secrets of the Moon revealed.

2341 Something terrible is approaching Earth from space.

2354 An accident in the artificial Sun leads to drought.

2371 A great famine.

2378 A new fast-growing race

2480 Two artificial suns collide, land in twilight.

3005 War on Mars.

3010 Comet hits the Moon.

3797 All life on Earth wiped out. You’d think that would be the end wouldn’t you, but oh no, the human race sets off for life in another stellar system.

3803 A new planet populated by small amount of people. Climate of new planet causes people to mutate.

3805 The war between humans for resources. More than half die out.

3815 The war is over.

3854 Development of civilisation stops. People live as animals.

3871 New prophet lectures people about moral values (some things never change then)

3874 New prophet receives support from all segments of the population. A new church is organised.

3878 People are re-trained in forgotten sciences.

4302 New cities are growing. New technology and science.

4304 Science finds a way to combat any disease.

4308 People are at last using their brains more. All notion of evil and hatred lost.

4509 Man can now finally communicate with God.

4599 People achieve immortality.

4674 Civilisation has reached its peak. Population of planet is 340 billion. Breeding with aliens begins.

5078 Decision is made to go beyond the boundaries of the Universe. 40 per cent of the population is against the idea, and are probably leaving indignant messages in Daily Mail comments sections.

5079 End of the world. Oh.



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