Posted on: January 8, 2013

Avebury is known primarily for its huge and mysterious stones dotted around the village in a circle. During World War 1 lights and music were seen and heard amongst the stones at night. One theory put forward was that it was a possible re-enactment of the annual fair which was discontinued there in the 19th century. In more recent times, a witness noticed strange, small figures amongst the stones on a moonlit night.

The Manor House (which has had a troubled history in recent years, with threats at one time to turn it into a theme park, which came to nothing) is also credited with being haunted. A monk has been seen in the library, and a Cavalier in the garden. A ghostly White Lady has also been seen around the village by several witnesses.


The village pub, The Red Lion, also claims its fair share of ghosts, most famously that of Florrie. The story goes that Florrie’s husband returned from the English Civil War, and discovered that she had been having a fling on the side. He reacted by pushing her into the village well, which is now covered over and stands in one of the side bars.

The pub is also said to be haunted by a little boy, who runs around with a great deal of energy. One day, when I was in there, I overheard one of the bar-staff telling a bunch of children about him. They were totally fascinated. One of the big cartwheel hanging lamps in the restaurant area is said to move by itself, but I can’t help feeling that might be down to the fact that it’s hanging near the outside door, and things can get very blustery around Avebury.

Nevertheless many peoople have experienced strange happenings here. In October 2004 a team called Paranormal Site Investigations spent the night here and heard footsteps. One man had a vision in which he saw a man running up to him, making stabbing motions with a dagger. It turned out that a man was stabbed in the cellar here in the 17th century, and pub staff have felt an angry and menacing presence down here. Also in 2004, a photograph was taken purporting to show the image of a bald, bleeding man.

During a Most Haunted investigation here the psychic medium Derek Acorah detected the ghostly little boy, the bundle of energy who is said to run around the main bar. It was also during a vigil in one of the bedrooms upstairs that Karl Beattie received scratch marks from an unseen presence.
(Incidentally, the restaurant area used to have a very good chalk-board cartoon sketch of Yvette Fielding, of ‘Most Haunted‘ fame hanging up!).

Added in May 2015: I recently saw a bizarre TripAdvisor review for The Red Lion, in which a frightened customer said they had been intimidated by a “strange guy” sitting by the well, who was using his hands to do “what looked like magic spells aimed at me”.  Which must be one of the most peculiar pub reviews I’ve seen!  But I guess the The Red Lion can be that kind of place.

Anyway, the most recent ghost story I could unearth from Avebury occurred at Halloween 2009. Early in the evening 3 people were walking towards the bus shelter along Swindon Road, when they saw the silhouette of a person. As they approached it, the figure disappeared.


Nowadays, Avebury is famous in paranormal circles as much for its crop circles and UFO sightings as its ghosts. And in the local shops you can find a plethora of New Age books, crystals, dowsing-rods etc. As well as, in the summer, usually maps of where all the crop circles can be found.

On 6 July 2009 an off-duty police officer was said to have seen tall, blonde, white-clad figures inspecting one of the crop circles near Silbury Hill, just outside the village, when he was driving past very early in the morning. When he got out of the car to investigate, he said the figures ran off at high speed, (“they ran faster than any man I have ever seen”), leaving behind an electrically-charged atmosphere. Afterwards, the police officer claimed he had been plagued by poltergeist activity at his home in Marlborough, and strange knocks on the door, only to find no one there. He also saw an orange light hovering over his garden. The officer does not believe the strange figures created the crop circles, but he does believe he accidentally witnessed something that he was no supposed to.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said that, as the officer was off-duty at the time this had happened, it was to be regarded as a personal matter, and no further action was taken.

Several days after this, around the middle of July, a London-based computer programmer pulled into Silbury Hill car-park for a break, on his way back to London. He said he saw a strange man, also tall and blonde, watching him. He felt an atmosphere of “prickly warmth”, and said there was “something different” about the man. The witness then fell asleep. When he woke up an hour later, the man had gone.

Well odd things do happen round Avebury. I experienced a strange atmosphere there myself one summer’s day back in the 1990s, when the entire atmosphere of the village suddenly seemed to become leaden and heavy all at once. (My husband described it as “morbid”, “a feeling of intense negativity”). It was a beautiful summer’s day, and there was no storm in the offing. The strangest part about this feeling was that it lifted completely on the outskirts of the village. There was a very clear and abrupt boundary. Have never experienced anything quite this marked anywhere else.

ADDENDUM:  I came across a fascinating reference to Avebury in David Icke’s book ‘The Biggest Secret’ in which he said that a scientific friend, Brian Desborough, had remarked that there is one place on Earth where 12 energy force lines meet, and go down into the ground.  That place is Avebury.  Somehow, I’m not surprised.




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