Posted on: February 23, 2012

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Out of all the reams of stuff published about the Roswell UFO Incident, I have to say this one intrigues me the most. So I’ve done a short piece about it here.

Hughie Green was a Canadian-born entertainer, a former child-star who became a staple of British light entertainment quiz and talent shows from the 1950s to the 70s. More is known these days for his murky private life, and for being the real father of the troubled TV presenter Paula Yates, but in 1955 he gave an interview to ‘Flying Saucer Review’. He had served in the Canadian air-force during WW2, and I only found out after first writing this piece, that he had actually seen a Foo-Fighter. Foo-Fighters were strange, inexplicable balls of light which appeared alongside Allied aircraft during WW2. At the time it was thought that they may have been some odd German weapon. It was only after hostilities ceased in 1945 that the Allies found out the Germans had also witnessed this baffling phenomenon.

Anyway, at the beginning of July 1947, Green was driving across the United States. He had put the car radio on to help alleviate the tedium of the long journey.

“About 250 miles out of Philadelphia”, he said “a commentator interrupted a programme to make the announcement that a saucer had crashed in New Mexico, and that the Army were moving in to investigate. Later the programme was interrupted again, and quite a few details given. Several news flashes about the incident, from various radio stations, followed. The last I heard was just before reaching Philadelphia. The announcer promised further bulletins. None followed. When I got to Philadelphia I bought all the newspapers I could lay my hands on. But not one carried the story, and questions at the radio station just drew a blank. It’s mystified me ever since”.

Roswell is a notoriously complex case. For one thing, there is still confusion as to exactly WHEN the strange object crashed, and like all big UFO cases it is riddled with allegation and counter-allegation. But for me personally, this particular aspect of it is the one that I find the most curious.



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