Posted on: August 23, 2011

This caught my eye when someone posted a story on Twitter about a UFO encounter in the south-west region of Russia in 1989, which sounded like something straight out of ‘CloseEncounters Of The Third Kind’ – only far more sinister.  Intrigued, I decided to check to see if there were any further sightings from that region at that time, and uncovered a whole raft of them.  Now since the collapse of the old Soviet Union there have been numerous reports of very strange, very detailed UFO cases, and it would seem that Russia has a rich and strong UFO culture.  Once again, I am deeply indebted to Albert Rosales’ Humanoid Sightings website for documentating many of these, which in turn originally came from a Voronezh UFO group.

1.  The first story is undated, we only know that it occurred in 1989.  M H Polyakov, along with a friend, experienced engine failure when driving in the Voronezh area late one night.  They pulled over to the side of the road, and decided to leave the car to have a cigarette.  After several unsuccessful attempts to light up Mr Polyakov decided to throw his matches away.  Suddenly he heard shouts from his friend, and turning, Polyakov saw a huge, bright pink-ish yellow sphere landing about a 100 metres away.  A beam of light emerged, which proceeded to run along the ground, emitting blue-ish sparks at the same time.  Understandably the witnesses began to feel afraid, but the engine of their car, and the car’s radiator began to smoke, as though the vehicle was over-heating.  A rocking motion was noticed on the driver’s side, as though an invisible presence had climbed in.  The beam of light gradually moved away, and the heavy atmosphere lifted.  The car started up again, with no apparent trouble.  One of the witnesses said he felt a stinging sensation when he touched one of the handrails.  Both witnesses claimed to suffer from nightmares after this incident.

2.  The second story occurred in the summer, and I have a lot of affection for the witness’ feisty-ness in this one.  One July afternoon, in Semidesyatroye, Khokholskiy area, tractor driver Fedor Ivanovich Molokanov was out working in the fields when the engine on his tractor stalled.  He got out to check what the problem was, and suddenly heard a voice behind him.

“Your machine is OK, I made it stop working, and I wanted to talk with you”.

The unexpected visitor was about 3 metres in height, wore silvery-coloured overalls, and was helmeted.   It also looked oddly one-dimensional.  Now it had started speaking, this astonishing vision couldn’t seem to stop.

“Your planet was the most excellent planet known to us in this part of the Universe”, it said “However you have brought it to a disastrous state.  Life on Earth will die!  In 20 years an ecological disaster awaits the Earth”.  [Only one??? sorry I couldn’t resist putting that one in!]

It told the witness he could be saved if he came with it.  Mr Molokanov protested that he was an old man of 60, not in the best of health.  The “alien” protested that the average life-span on his planet was 130 years.   Mr Molokanov grew quite cross at this creature’s persistence (well it does seem to have been rather like dealing with an over-zealous doorstep salesman) and he demanded that the visitor leave at once.  Moments later the alien pointed a tube-like device towards the witness and then walked into a nearby semi-transparent object.  A hatch opened in this object, a hissing noise was heard, and the alien sat down in a chair.  The object then melted noiselessly into the sky.

Afterwards the witness refused to leave the house for several days, and was eventually admitted to hospital, suffering from hypertension.  He would only speak to those closest to him about what had occurred.

3.  In mid-September Igor Yagudin was on his way to work at a local airport.  It was about 8 o’clock in the evening.  He took a short cut across a ravine and saw a greenish light to his left.  He went over to get a closer look at it, and saw a hovering sphere.  Then he heard footsteps and saw tall figure in a silver suit.  A helmet covered the creature’s head, and on the visor appeared various images of nuclear power plants (which Yagudin recognised), all of which seemed to be undergoing some kind of emergency.  The images faded and the witness lost consciousness.  When he awoke he had a slight headache, and both the hovering object and the alien had gone.

4.  At the end of September there occurred a spate of UFO sightings in the Voronezh city park, and all the witnesses involved were children.  On the evening of the 23rd a group of schoolgirls saw a moon-sized light in the sky.  It flew down and landed in the park.  Three tall humanoids appeared, dressed in blue cloaks, and seeming to float above the ground.  These “creatures” walked towards the edge of the park.  One of the girls ran to get more witnesses, and when she returned with a larger group, an alien emerged from the craft, raised its hand, what was described as something like a shiny beak emerged from it.  The children began crying in terror, and all the entities returned to the craft.  The UFO didn’t fly away as such, but simply vanished in front of them.

For the rest of September there were several more such sightings in the park, the details of which are all fairly similar.  On the 27th a young boy witnessed aliens collecting soil samples in the park, and became so terrified that he screamed.  What happens next is truly astonishing.  One of the aliens shot at the boy with a pistol-like weapon, vapourising him in a beam of light.  As the creature returned to its “ship” fortunately the boy returned, and sensibly fled the scene.

These kind of sightings continued in the Voronezh region throughout October.  On 2 October, early in the evening, 40 witnesses getting off a train at Mashmet railway station (several kilometres from the park) saw the strange craft, and plants were later found damaged in the area.

4.  There were a couple more random high strangeness occurrences in the first half of 1990.  I will concentrate on one, which occurred on the 3rd January, which is probably even more startling than all the others.   Mrs V I Cherrova, an engineer at a local institute, reported that her elderly mother had had a very bizarre experience late that evening.  The old lady had been dropping off to sleep when she noticed a pink light in her room, and saw the silhoettes of two figures with pear-shaped heads outside her window.  She said one of them ordered “come with us” in a megaphone-like voice.

They clearly breed some very feisty pensioners in Russia because the old lady was having none of it.  She said it was too cold outside and she was naked.  “Put your slippers on!” came the next astonishing command.  The old lady said she had bad legs and couldn’t move.  The figures annoyingly persisted.  The old lady related that she couldn’t remember getting out of bed, but suddenly found herself in a long tunnel with a slippery surface.  She was aware of the figures hovering nearby.  A door opened, and she saw several people in a side room (including children), who all looked immobile with fear.

This was enough for the old lady, she turned and ran along the corridor.  She said she saw her slippers were on her feet, and heard a voice plaintively asking “why are they so afraid of us?”  (To which I’m tempted to retort because you keep hoiking people out of bed in the middle of the night and taking them to sinister places!).  The old lady said she then found she had been returned home.  This whole incident has a very Near Death Experience (NDE) feel to it.  The witness’ vision of the forbidding tunnel is very similar to some people who claim they have seen images of Hell.

The experiences of the old lady and Mr Molakanov, the tractor driver, also suggest some rather more farcical and chatty aliens than the ones we usually find in stories such as these.  Whether this is because the Russians generally are a very chatty people, I don’t know!



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